All DepEd Central Office Bureaus, Services and Units, Regional Offices, Division Offices, and Authorized Learning Service Providers may submit proposals for professional development programs or courses for Recognition during the period of call for submissions as announced by NEAP.

Proposals from Bureaus/Services/Units, Regional Offices, and by Authorized Learning Service Providers shall be submitted at the NEAP Central Office while proposals by Schools Division Offices of Region VIII shall be submitted to NEAP Regional Office VIII.

Application Steps
To have the Professional Development (PD) be accredited by NEAP, the following steps must be undertaken:

1. Download
Download the PD Programs/Courses Recognition Application Form to apply for Recognition of Professional Development to be offered.

2. Download and Read
Download and read the Operational Guidelines for Potential Learning Service Provider.

3. Read
Read the NEAP Professional Development Priorities.

4. Read
Read the Guidelines for the NEAP Recognition of Professional Development Programs and Courses for Teachers and School Leaders (Deped Order No. 1 s.2020).

5. Read
Read the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST-Deped Order 42, s. 2017), the Philippine Professional Standards for School Heads (PPSSH), or the Philippines Professional Standards for Supervisors (PPSS).

6. Call
Call the NEAP-Region 8 Secretariat at 323-3070 or send an e-mail to for questions before submitting the application.

The proposed professional development program and/or course will be evaluated using the following criteria:
a. Alignment with the NEAP Professional Development Priorities
b. Mapping to the Professional Standards
c. Articulation of Objectives/Outcomes
d. Alignment of the ILOs, Content, and Assessment with the Professional Standards
e. Soundness of Methodology
f. Mechanisms to determine if objectives/ILOs have been met
g. Strength of Research base
h. Use of Principles of Adult Learning
i. Use of Recognized Best Practices
j. Intended Classroom-level Application and Innovation
k. Credentials/Expertise of Resource Speakers and Certified Learning Facilitators
l. Budget and Costing

Submission of the PD Programs/Courses Recognition Application Form together with the required documents must be done via an online link. Only PDF file types will be accepted.

What happens next?
– The proposal will be checked by the NEAP R Secretariat. Acknowledgment letter will be sent to the proponent.
– NEAP Recognition Evaluation Committee will evaluate the proposal.
– NEAP Secretariat will inform the proponent of the result of the application.
– Successful proponents will have their professional development program/course recognized by NEAP-R and shall receive a letter with corresponding NEAP-R recognition stamp.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, please send a mail to or call the NEAP-R Secretariat at 300-4819.